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RESItech – Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Product Code: F/CDA/CO/2

Carbon Monoxide 20 Units Wireless Base Easy
Device  Interconnectivity Compatibility  Installation

The RESitech™  Carbon Monoxide Alarm is designed to be used within the following areas of a residential property:

Utility / boiler room
Next to solid fuel burners

It is a legal requirement to install a carbon monoxide detector adjacent to any newly installed solid fuel appliance. 

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  • AC/DC operated & battery backup
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Insect proof
  • Hush/test feature – 4 minute desensitise
  • High and stable sensitivity
  • Quick fix mounting bracket
  • Easy installation
  • Interconnectable up to 20 units
  • Tamper-resist feature
  • LED operation indicator
  • Low-battery and battery missing warning indicator
  • Auto reset after the CO clears

  • Operating temperature 5ºC to 38ºC
  • Power source 220-240V AC 50Hz & 9V DC battery backup
  • Detection type Electrochemical
  • Sounder volume 85dB at 3m
  • Standby current 15?A max
  • Humidity rating 10%-90%
  • Compact size 110mm diameter
  • Sensitivity 50-300ppm
  • Auto-reset When CO clears
  • Battery type 1 year carbon-zinc

Other RESitech Devices:-

  • F/CDA/OPT/1 | RESitech Easy-fit base optical smoke alarm – mains interlinkable
  • F/CDA/ION/1 | RESitech Easy-fit base ionisation smoke alarm – mains interlinkable
  • F/CDA/HT/1 | RESitech Easy-fit base heat alarm – mains interlinkable
    F/CDA/CO/2 | RESitech Easy-fit base carbon monoxide alarm – mains interlinkable

Other Accessories:-

  • F/CDA/WB | RESitech wireless base
  • F/CDA/RL | RESitech change over relay – 230V 5A contacts